Material Handling
Process Automation
Super Yachts and Other Unique Applications


Pure Automation specializes in control systems integration for material handling, process automation, and other unique applications. Our custom automation solutions deliver your firm advantages over your competition with increased productivity, functionality, reliability, and savings from competitive pricing.

We have experience developing control systems based on various platforms, including PCs, PLCs, PACs, embedded processors, and SCADA systems. We have a full range of services and can assist you with new projects, upgrades, urgent situations, etc.

Material Handling

Process Automation

Unique Applications

Your performance drivers - safety, speed,
reliability and quality - are paramount. We'll help
you deploy the right automation.  more
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We create complete process solutions,
transforming your operational goals into reality. more
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We can assist you with unique
applications. We have comprehensive
experience solving problems. more


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